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High vacuum body contouring slimming beauty equipment

High vacuum body contouring slimming beauty equipment
Product Detailed
High vacuum boey contouring slimming beauty equipment *body contouring *Fat-reduct *skin/breast lifting *Lymphatic Drainag

High vacuum body contouring slimming beauty equipment          Code: P-1000 


BODY contouring  vacuum and cavitation beauty equipment is a Multifunctional equipment  for *body contouring*Fat-reduct*skin/breast lifting*Lymphatic Drainage


A: Vacuum Principle:

    Perfect body contouring instrument adopts the most advanced high-speed turbine negative pressure technology, and innovative three-dimensional conversion technology,combining with microcomputer chip controlled patent roller axis, and has an anti-geocentric attract effect on the skin. Attracting and outspreading the fibrillar connective tissue of different cortexes, through the rhythmic massage and effectively break down subcutaneous fat and reduce cellular tissue accumulation of fat , use of the patents to massage deeply roller different parts of the body, bring up fat layer in dermis, curium and subcutaneous, and release micro-vascular lymphatic vessels at the same time, promoting metabolism and to make fat cells in a passive movement to fat acids, even within the cells of toxins, also to be eliminated from lymphatic system in vitro, the detoxitication enhance the fuction of as many as four times. Can be done manually or any other instruments can not achieve the perfect results. At the same time, skin is more elastic and luster.It is the "healthy body sculpture management" expert.


2 Treatment heads for body The surface area of the part which clings to the skin is 12.5*9.5cm

                           The interval range of the two ROLLERS is 4cm

                           The roller size: Diameter:2.5cm   High:6.5cm


1 small treatment head for Face: surface area: 3.5*3cm


Ultrasonnic head and small head for face


B:Ultrasounds Principle:

      Adopting Cavitation effect to destroy the stubborn fat and orange fat in non-invasive way effectively.Ultrasound produces an implosion effect on the liquid, means that a large number of intermicellar space come into being in the liquid when the wave explodes and compresses. These micro-gaps are full of gas and steam. In the compression cycle period the ultrasound has a positive pressure effect on the liquid molecules while in the expansion cycle period the ultrasound has a negative pressure effect on them. There is cohesion in the biological tissue and liquid. However, different densities of the organizations; intermolecular bonding force is not the same. In the lower density of adipose tissue, molecular bonding will be weak, the lower negative pressure the ultrasound produced makes it form interstitial space .It is called hole phenomenon in the Physical Science. The explosion of the intermicellar space inside and outside of the cells makes the cells move actively to a high energy level until the breakdown of cells. As a result of the low density of fat cells, the first leads to the breakdown of fat cells.

1 ultrasound treatment head: its diameter is 7cm.


C: Soft laser principle

      The main function of the soft laser with low-energy is stimulating action of Biology that is stimulating the biological cells and inducing & enhancing some physiological responses through a suitable energy. It includes: promoting pars of blood circulation of body, regulating cells function, enhancing immune function, promoting cells metabolism and proliferation ability.

       There are 3 kinds of different treatment programs; they can respectively output Red, Blue and Green light.

Red light:630-750nm: Red is the color of burning, the sun and the life itself. Love and anger, joy and fury are all related to this color. Red is the color with most penetration, it will be strongly stimulate the flow of blood. So, it is used in the case of the poor cycle or blood supply inadequate.

Blue Light:430-460nm: Blue is the color of calm and lasting. It was seen as cool with a relaxing effect. All the illnesses are related to heat, then it need to use the Blue light for treatment. It is also used in pain, red blood cells enough and congestive treatments. Blue can adjust the muscles, ligaments and organizations contraction. And blue can help to be a quiet and modest.

Green Light:490-570nm: Green is the most common color in the nature; it is considered a neutral color. Be used for bronchitis, asthma and the site of joint infection. All the chronic diseases have a good response by the intermittent green light. Green has a balanced effect, and will enhance the feeling of satisfaction and tranquility. Green also has calm, soothing and relaxing effect.

D: Specification:


220V/110V adjustable







Gross Weight:


Net Weights:


Machine Size:


Packing Size:



E: Functions:

1. General body slimming, to tighten the arms, thighs, legs, hips, waist and back ministry, and abdominal muscles, remodeling perfect body.

2. Effectively improve varying degrees of Orange peel organization

3. Do regular aerobic exercise on the skin automatically, quickly alleviate pressure, suppress pain (such as joint pain, sciatica), and reduce fatigue.

4. The body of metabolic wastes excluded by deep and high intensity of lymphatic drainage, to systemic lymph detoxification, improving the effectiveness of sub-health state.

5. Activation of cell cycle and promote metabolism, so that increase 130% of the collagen and elastic fiber hyperplasia, and re-arranged in an orderly manner and improve the aging skin, and restore flexibility and luster.


Can show an obviously result in 1st treatment:

Can dredge the lymph; letdown 12% thickness of dead skin, reduce 13% fat accumulation, reduce 17% body veins, and can letdown 21%  the depth of body veins; upgrade the flexibility skin 17% and luster.

High vacuum body contouring slimming beauty equipment

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